Water Birth at Home

Having attended well over 90 births with most of them water delivery, I thought I should dive into the topic to enlighten those considering a home birth and a glorious home water birth.

Some Midwives have referred to water birth as the Midwives epidural. Still others call it an Aqua-Dural.
A nod to the medicated epidural that women receive in the hospital. Expectant moms ask. Is the pain relief that good? Can a water birth give the mother the advantage of pain relief to the point of avoiding the hospital with it’s epidural cocktail of drugs? The answer is yes! I will explain the WHY and HOW of the home water birth.

The idea that being submerged in warm water while in the throes of labor is tantalizing and wonderful. The buoyancy of the water and the warmth lend itself to relaxation. Relaxation in labor is the key to having a less painful labor and birth.

The second part is that the water feels like a thousand fingers massaging your belly as you float in near weightlessness. The added benefit is that the baby can emerge into the warm and watery environment from whence he came. On many occasions the newborn babies are calm and content as they are brought to the surface and placed into their waiting mother’s arms. A big contrast to the birth on dry land in which the baby emerges into cold air. Of course, we have warmed blankets at the ready for the transition.

Many hospitals will not allow water births at their facilities. However, the Midwife who offers a water birth knows that it is a great tool for the laboring mother. Many new mother’s report great relief and will rave about the ease of having a home water birth. If you have any question about Home Birth or Home Water Birth, please don’t hesitate to contact me at joyfulhomebirth@gmail.com or call at 860-882-9869
Carolyn Greenfield CPM


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