Homebirth in the Covid Era

With the rise in COVID cases across the country and here in Connecticut, many families are opting for a home birth for a variety of reasons. The first reason is the need to stay out of hospitals where COVID resides. Another reason is the lack labor support being allowed with the laboring mother. But there…

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Water Birth at Home

Having attended well over 90 births with most of them water delivery, I thought I should dive into the topic to enlighten those considering a home birth and a glorious home water birth. Some Midwives have referred to water birth as the Midwives epidural. Still others call it an Aqua-Dural. A nod to the medicated…

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Having a homebirth in Connecticut

homebirth midwife connecticut and massachusetts

I am a Certified Professional Midwife living in Somers, CT. Let me tell you all about the wonderful benefits of having an undisturbed Connecticut home birth. Some of you may be curious but feel it is not safe to have a baby out of the hospital. Some of you just want to find out what…

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